Shopping Spree..

ok so Divali’s here. Although I dont like shopping just before Divali ( primarily because of the rush) , this time I made a exception. The first thing you notice when going for shopping in Pune, is the amount of branded stores that have come up. From Indian brands to International everybody has their own showroom. We visited quiet a few. Some mall’s and shops were just show off and hardly had any clothes. Some like the SGS mall were quiet good.
I got two Pepe Jeans, three t-shirts and a cool pair of woodland shoes. Although I didnt have a budget in mind, but our shopping expenditure actually reached Rs 11k. Thats me and yogesh combined. Mine was about Rs. 7k.

Although I am pretty happy with my selections, I think its a little too expensive. The shoes themselves costs 2k.  This is the one I got.I have never owned a woodlands before, I really hope they live up to my expectation.  Did you know Woodlands does not have a official webiste of its own, or atleast I was unable to find one. Very odd, I always though WoodLands was a US company. I may be wrong, tt might just be a bunch of some smart Indians.

Oh while I was carrying all this stuff on my bike , my mobile (Motorola Rokr E6)slipped from my hand. It had a bad fall and was skited  a long way. I love the way Motorola makes these metal handsets, the handset hardly had any visible scratches considering speed at which we were driving. Funny thing is every handset I have owned (and i have owned 5) , has fallen off my hands at some point or the other when I was on a vehicle. The worst was my Samsung C100 which had a shattered screen and a broken board after the fall. Anyway thanks for taking off time and reading this. cy.

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