Manual transmission Vs Automatic transmission

First of all , let me clarify, I don’t drive. So you can flame me for speaking shit without doing it. Ok that apart, I always wondered why people (especially Indians) get a Manual transmission car. Some say its easier, some like to be in control, others say its more fuel efficient.
But is the stick really worth it. I mean, to me it looks like ‘stone-age-ish’. If you are driving in a traffic, half of the time you are fiddling with it. People say manual transmission gives better acceleration. I dont see how thats true. Every time I look, the first bikes to speed off a signal are the ones with Automatic transmission(Honda Activa for example). Buy the time you you hit the first gear, and release the clutch in slowmo, you are already wasted 3 seconds of your life in something that could be done so much better.

With the stick comes the awful clutch. You want to start the car, hit the clutch. U want to switch gears, hit the clutch, Brake, again hit the clutch. What the heck? the only thing that works without a clutch is accelerating, Oh hold on, u have to release the clutch slowly for that. Have you imagined how much time and more importantly brain time you lose.

In cities like Pune you hit a signal every 300 meters. Your car/bike easily reaches second gear by then, u have to manually bring it down to stop. Ain’t that the job for the car/bike to manage. You are paying good amount of money for your vehicle, whats the point if you cant drive it with fun.

Yes i agree Manual transmission saves fuel, but automatic transmission has really matured in the past few years. The max difference you can get on fuel saving is 10% under any conditions. 10% ? I think its a small price to pay for the comfort.
Maybe its just India. 80% of the cars in US and Europe are Automatic . Like everything in India , price always comes before comfort. Automatic is normally priced higher that Manual.
I am a system admin, I have to automate many of my daily tasks into scripts. Even though i don’t get optimal results from them, they save me a lot of time, to concentrate on stuff that are important. To me Automatic transmission is the future. My first car is going to be Automatic transmission. fullstop.

Here’s a funny video I found when I was researching on the topic.

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  1. Hi there I’ve been looking for a site that has some good information on Vehicle Repair Manuals. I was searching around on Google and your post regarding caught my attention .. Good info thanks Saturday

  2. I have always been a fan of a manual but it’s because I get bored on long drives and it keeps me a little more busy.

  3. I love manual transmissions, seriously! I’m not sure if I’m on the same page as you, manuals for cars are without a doubt faster than automatic equivalents. The only type that beats a manual is SMG, which is actually a manual controlled by a computer. One other benefit of an automatic is that they can also take a larger load on the gearbox allowing for higher horsepower. Otherwise, it’s manual allt he way.

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